The Carrier

Infected: The Carrier is an expansion to the original Infected game, and introduces new characters, new abilities, and chain reactions.

The Carrier Rulebook

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The Carrier

 Now, one or more Villagers can begin with one of the Plague Doctor’s ravens in their hand. The malevolent Raven carries with it an Infection. As a Villager, if you receive an Infection card of any kind from the Plague Doctor, you MUST pass your Raven card on your next turn. (The Raven now infects a villager, unless that Villager receives a vaccination).

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The Huntress

Other Villagers, including the Huntress, the Blacksmith, the Priest, the Apothecary, and others now lend their support to their fellow Villagers. Each has special powers, which they will use in an attempt to help their fellow villagers.

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The Plague Doctor

The Plague Doctor's experience has made him more powerful. He carries a new infection card which infects a villager for two consecutive rounds, should the player be lucky enough to be vaccinated in the first instance.