Emotional IQ

Emotional IQ is a hilarious new party game for 2 players on up to party size groups. It’s easy to learn and easy to play. There are 2 types of cards: the Emotion Cards, and the Sentence Cards. You’ll choose 1 card from each stack and then deliver the sentence aloud for everyone to hear.

Other players will have to guess which Emotion you are using. Here’s the catch – no one except you knows which Emotion card you drew, and you only get 1 shot at your delivery.

 So how do you say, “Chocolate ice cream is amazing" in your best Disgusted voice?


“That guy just sneezed all over you" in a voice full of Happiness?

After you deliver your Sentence using a random Emotion, your team must guess which of the 30 Emotions you used. (They'll get to use the list of Emotions provided with the game). Good luck!

Emotional IQ contains 120 cards, including 30 different Emotion Cards, 4 Support Cards, and 86 different Sentence Cards.