The Carrier

The Carrier is now on Kickstarter!

The Carrier is an expansion to our game Infected. Set in the times of the Bubonic Plague, The Carrier adds new cards, characters, abilities, and chain reactions to your existing Infected game.

apothecary j.jpg

Infected is a quick, strategic, secret role, semi-cooperative social game. One of the party is a Plague Doctor, spreading the Bubonic Plague. The Villagers need to find and rid themselves of the evil doctor before they succumb to the greatest plague in history.

Now, one or more Villagers can begin with one of the Plague Doctor’s ravens in their hand. The malevolent Raven carries with it an Infection. As a Villager, if you receive an Infection card of any kind from the Plague Doctor, you MUST pass your Raven card on your next turn(The Raven now infects a villager, unless that Villager receives a vaccination).

Let’s hope your fellow Villagers are prepared.

Carrier Raven - delayed 1 round infection - Infected - Black Forest Studio.png

The Carrier introduces a powerful new Plague Doctor, 3 new ravens to infect Villagers, The Huntress, who is immune to ravens, the Blacksmith, the Sinister Villager, the Weak Villager, the Vaccination dice, the Priest, the Apothecary, and the Silent Villager miniature. 

Silent Villager miniature - Black Forest Studio - Infected.png