13 Questions with Death Wish Coffee

My morning started as usual. NEED CAFFEINE IN THE FORM OF COFFEE!  I’m a dark roast guy, and I grind fresh coffee each morning before it goes into my French Press. You can’t beat it. I recently searched for some new coffee, and came across Death Wish Coffee, the #1 Best Seller in Coffee Beverages on Amazon.com. Wait, THE #1?  Yes.  I ordered a pound of coffee and loved every ounce. But something amazing happened when my coffee arrived in the mail. The packaging happened. I opened my Amazon box, and every part of my creative juices loved what was inside. The label was big and bold, just like the coffee. I immediately reached out to Death Wish Coffee for an interview, as packaging and marketing is as much about the product as the coffee bean. Soon after, Death Wish also won a Super Bowl commercial! What?! Yes they did, so stay tuned for the big game and watch them as they blow up this year. Below is my interview with Kane Grogan of Death Wish Coffee, who says he has been drinking coffee since his late teens, so he knows a thing or two.

1.       How did you get started?

Owner Mike Brown owned a coffee shop and people kept asking for the strongest coffee they had. After a quick Google search, we discovered there was nothing for the world’s strongest coffee so it was an untapped market. We saw an opportunity and seized it.

2.       Who is the marketing genius?

We all help with the marketing. Initially it was all Mike, but we have all worked as a team to blow this thing up.

3.       I bought a 1 pound bag of coffee beans, and I loved opening the box. It also came with the sticker that I can throw on my laptop, which is cool. Everything about the packaging was awesome. How did you come up with that?

We are on a never ending journey on bringing the best package to your door step. We definitely want you to feel like you’re opening up something special every time you get package from us in the mail. We include some really neat freebies from time to time as well, so it definitely pays to be on our mailing list.

4.       Why was it so important for you to create coffee that was Fair Trade and organic?

On top of delivering bad ass, caffeinated coffee, we didn’t want to sell a gimmick. We wanted top notch, high quality beans. We also care about the farms we source our beans as it is a pretty cut throat industry and there are definitely some places that exploit their farmers pretty seriously. Having it be Fair Trade and Organic ensures we are delivering the best possible product.

5.       How did you get to be the best-seller on Amazon?

Anyone can sell on Amazon, and luckily we have a product that sells itself. We’ve been blessed to be able to work with Amazon directly, as they can offer things we can’t on our website such as free (prime) or expedited shipping. A lot of people use Amazon exclusively so it just kind of grew and grew. It even out performs our site sometimes, which is huge.

6.       Who is your coffee for?

Our coffee is for anyone who wants to really enjoy good coffee. There is a lot of bad coffee out there. We deliver a very strong, smooth blend that doesn’t come with the bitter, burnt taste. Our coffee is for the go-getter who wants to get stuff done and isn’t afraid to take risks.

7.       Any plans for new types of coffee?

We experiment a lot. Innovation is one of our favorite parts of the process. We have done a lot of barrel aging beans in whiskey and rum barrels to get it different flavors. We have experimented with different natural types of flavoring (most flavored coffee on the market uses a lot of chemicals) so stay tuned for seasonal blends.

8.       Any store openings planned?

At this time, we aren’t interested in having a Death Wish store, but we are trying to find ways to set up distribution with chains across the country so stay tuned for that!

9.       What can you share with us regarding future plans?

Beyond getting into stores on a national level, we have some cool things coming up. We have a vodka coming out with Albany Distilling Co. which is VERY tasty and we have some exciting announcements with the comic book community. Oh, we also won a SUPER BOWL COMMERCIAL! No big deal…

10.   Who is your favorite soccer team?

Team USA!

11.   Where did you get the inspiration for your coffee name?

Mike wanted coffee so strong it needed a warning and Death Wish just seemed to fit the best.

12.   Do you collect anything?

I collect bad habits and then collect ways to break them.

13.   Is there somewhere you would like to travel that you haven’t been to yet?

I would love to go to so many places and Death Wish is starting to allow me to go to places for work which is truly a blessing. I’d love to spend more time out west and also Europe. New Zealand is definitely up there.


Thank you Death Wish Coffee! I’m pumped about your new plans, and I’m looking forward to trying out the Valhalla Java next.

by Bryan Sloan, Black Forest Studio