Emotional IQ Card Back Design Process

I would love share with you the thought that went into the back designs for the cards in Emotional IQ, which is now on Kickstarter:  https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/blackforeststudio/emotional-iq-a-party-game-of-your-brain-vs-your-mo

 As a game, I wanted the design to be simple, colorful, clean, and effective. With only 2 card backs to design, I wanted them to work together, but to look different. I also needed to keep in mind that some people are affected by color blindness, so I couldn’t simply change colors within the same design.

I created something that would work on a micro and macro level. First, for the Emotion card, I wanted something that could express a multitude of colors, just as our Emotions could be varied. For this design, I used both hot and cold colors to reflect the variance of our own changing Emotions. One thing that is innate to us is the ability to read each other’s eyes to a degree. I designed the Emotion card to be an ultra-close up abstract interpretation of an eye.

To take you back to science class, the black circle in the middle is the pupil, the color outside of that (I have blue eyes) is the iris, and the white portion is the sclera.  The red outside of that is what happens when you have children.

For the back of the Sentence card, I wanted to think wider. The yellow circle on the Sentence card is shared with the yellow from the Emotion card. This brings them both together. But there is a long black rectangular shape on the Sentence card which “blocks” you from reading the Sentence. When you turn the card to the Sentence side, the black shape is “removed” with the Sentence now being visible, and the yellow Sentence portion and text remaining.

This way, the cards have some cohesiveness in the game, but are different enough so that you know to take 1 of each while playing.

Now that you know the ideas behind the cards, what do you think?