The importance of playing games in-person

In our digital age, it seems we are still able to lose touch with each other. It’s more important now than ever not to just “stay in contact” by looking at our phones, but to have some actual face time with our friends and family. That’s why I think analog games, meaning board games, playing cards, and other parlor games we play with each other are so important.

Skills we learn include people reading, negotiation, and simply getting along. I’m not saying it isn’t ok to put up a trade embargo against someone who only needs 2 more Victory Points to win Settlers of Catan – I mean that it’s important to spend time with 3 dimensional people who breathe the same oxygen we do.

This short video below by Start Rite is an interview with children who feel ignored by their parents who spend too much time on their phones, leaving the kids feeling disregarded or unimportant.

During the video, a young girl says how she wishes she could play a board game with her parent, but the parent is otherwise too busy.

Do you think this digital age, while trying to connect us, is tearing away those who are closest to us?

by Bryan Sloan, Black Forest Studio