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Bryan Sloan directs the Black Forest Studio. The name of the studio comes from Bryan being born in the "Schwarzwald", the Black Forest of Germany. Creating games and playing cards are a way to bring family and friends closer together. You can be part of the community to bring people together, as we initiate our projects on Kickstarter.

Bryan was born to American parents in the Black Forest of Germany, and grew up in Texas. I am currently writing this paragraph about myself in the third person, which seems weird now. Bryan enjoys hanging out with his wife and 3 young children, playing and watching soccer, drinking coffee in the morning, playing board games and cards, and reading books about true history (as opposed to "false" history?) Sometimes I read fiction too. 

We collaborate with various game designers and artists, who help to bring our games, playing cards, and art to fruition.

AVES is a phenomenal set of playing cards, inspired by bird and feather drawings.
— Chris Jobson, This Is Colossal

Some of our Projects